Ruby Reef

A Strong Foundation Spanning Decades in Product Development for the Biomedical Field, Opens the Door to Commercial Aquaculture Advancements.

Ruby Reef was incorporated in 1998 after three years of product development, product stability and beta site testing, and market testing by Dr. Sam Grillo. Dr. Grillo, who has been a tropical fish hobbyist for over 40 years, brings to Ruby Reef extensive skills in disease management from his experience in the human biomedical field, agriculture and aquaculture, including three years as director of a core facility at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, and ten years of developing and testing diagnostics and treatments for both human and agricultural applications in the biotechnology industry. He also has extensive experience in disease management in commercial aquaculture in China and Southeast Asia.

Consequently, Ruby Reef’s products were based on both a high level of scientific acumen and efficacy, and a thorough understanding of both fish diseases and the associated problems experienced by aquarium hobbyists. Dr. Grillo therefore appreciated the need for water treatments for disease management and control that were completely safe for all marine and freshwater aquaria. These guidelines were used to develop the water treatments Kick-Ich (for freshwater and marine “ich”) and Rally (for marine velvet, clownfish disease, bacterial infections including tail and fin rot, gill flukes and other diseases).

Extensive Research Leveraged to Produce Successful Aquarium Hobbyist Disease Management Solutions

It is essential to the successful hobbyist to have the best possible remedy to the problems associated with parasites, bacteria and other pathogens. Ruby Reef has created the very best answers to the problems facing hobbyists and aquarists with these issues.

Our products, created by scientists at Johns Hopkins University Research and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, are the safest and most effective remedies available in the industry.

Now for over two decades, Ruby Reef has provided effective and safe treatment for freshwater and saltwater fish to combat various parasitic, bacteria and fungal infections. We are, therefore, confident that Ruby Reef provides scientifically sound disease management products that are better than any available in the marketplace.